Kaltès is an artist, dj and producer living in Berlin. She has an extensive background in music and studied jazz and improvisation in Brussels. Now a passionate collector of strange and rare intruments, she is the sound-infatuated half of Anna Otto.

She is an active member of female​:press​ure’s intern​ational network for whom she host a serie of club nights at Tresor, Berlin.

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With a diverse musical background that encompassed soul, religious music and jazz, Kaltès cultivated her talent at an early age through classical training, tenor saxophone and improvisation. Entire worlds of music later opened up to her on her travels, including Carnatic and UK Asian Underground music. But it wasn’t until she encountered Gudrun Gut’s label and the Chicks On Speed cover of ‘Kaltes klares Wasser’ that she realized where her musical commitments would ultimately lie. Her DJ name is a tribute to this seminal influence.

Her versatility as a DJ and producer has grown over the years to span tech house to harder-hitting techno, infused with her unique sense of style that some have not hesitated to describe as sexy. Her skill and depth across all her musical activities prove that “light doesn’t shine without darkness”, as one critic put. She is equally at ease building romantic, heady soundscapes as well as infamous techno. For Kaltès it has been an important transition, one that she traces back to her profound affinity to Shamanism and ritualistic healing arts.Now living in Berlin, she is a passionate collector and player of strange and rare instruments and also the sound-infatuated half of Anna Otto, her collaborative music production project with Kritzkom. She also regularly hosts events such as ‘It’s Not Only Techno, Baby!’ in Istanbul or a serie of club nights for female:pressure at Tresor, Berlin.
She is an active member of female:pressure’s international network and part of Perspectives Festival curating team, alongside with Gudrun Gut and Electric Indigo.