female:pressure presents PERSPECTIVES Festival

A study published by female:pressure earlier this year reveals that the representation of female acts at major international electronic music festivals is only ten percent. When asked about the reasons for this significant imbalance, curators and bookers usually reply that there are not enough female artists.

Perspectives Festival calls the real underlying causes and dynamics of the imbalance into question.With Workshops, lectures and talks, as well as music showcases to present the multifaceted performances of female artists and their perspectives on electronic music.


Ada (live) Electric Indigo (live), Gudrun Gut (live), Chra (live), Kritzkom (live), Pilocka Krach (live), Midori Hirano aka MimiCof (live), Islaja (live), Tinker (live), Caro C (live), Sonae (live), Tinker (live) …

Acid Maria (DJ) , Kaltès (DJ), Silva Rymd (DJ), Chez Mieke (DJ), Acid Maria (DJ) , Ipek (DJ), Sarah Farina (DJ), Uta (DJ), Janoshi (DJ), Sharon Schael (DJ), Vinilette (DJ) …

Kalma (VJ), Tina Z (VJ), Elektro Moon (VJ), Aikia (VJ), the sound + icon machine …



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