LFSM Berlin

Next edition will take place in Berlin, decembre 9 & 10, 2011.

LIVE: Anna Otto, DAT Politics, Kaleid, Notic Nastic, Gudrun Gut, Mansfield Tya, Christine and the Queens, Yula.
Dj Set: Melle Caro, Mary Velo, Kritzkom, rRoxymore, Sarah Adorable, Hedda.

Les Femmes S’en Mêlent, a female indie music festival, has built up its celebrity over 14 years in France and abroad, celebrating women in music. What started as a single gig in Paris in 1997 has grown into an event spanning across several nights in Paris, other cities in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and England.

Driven by passion and curiosity and known for its eclecticism and quality, the festival is about feminity but far from feminism. As time went by, the festival grew bigger and the female scene grew wider. The festival is now unanimously acclaimed, seen as a unique and indispensable musical rendez-vous across Europe, and an integral part of one of the hottest current musical scenes, always providing more talent. All the while, it never lost his breath or faith, but rather became better with the years.

Les Femmes S’en Mêlent festival, using its recognition to get cult international artists and its intuition to give a chance to new ones, affirmed and confirmed a true commitment, a nonstop tribute to female creativity. The festival’s name, which is based on a subtle pun, is about women’s position in music, about them getting mixed in and about them getting involved. Whay may seem quite obvious today was not always so…

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