Meeting QOMT – An interview with Miss Sunshine and Viktoria Rebeka

“Queens Of Minimal Techno” is initially the name of a project initiated by Viktoria Rebeka, a party that aimed to promote women artists in techno music, back when Viktoria (Slovenia) was a resistance fighter in a country with a quasi non-existent scene.

Viktoria invited Miss Sunshine (Croatia) to play and that’s how the magic started.  Now, they stand as QOMT, and are moving crowds since 2009. 

They will release their first Ep together ( on “Cirque du Minimaliste”) beginning of next year, and  will play their very first gig in Berlin this friday for Kollateralschaden. No need to say that we are very thrilled and honored to host these truly dedicated, passionate and talented artists! 

Viktoria, you just moved here, right? You moved barely knowing the city. Is it so hard to be a dj in Slovenia? And what is it you expect from Berlin?

Yes, I moved here few days ago, and I have to say I already feel at home. Actually Berlin already fulfilled my expectations, as it is a city full of creative, relaxed, crazy dressed musical people who love to party. There are many talented electronic music artists who are performing or sharing their experience with me. I feel very inspired with the music scene going on here, much more inspired that when I was living in Slovenia.

Appart from “sharing the fun”, what brings you together? What are the reasons of your collaboration?

I think the main thing which connected us is music. When we first started to think about a project, we liked the fact that we are girls who have a similar music taste, actually music is what immediately bonded us!

You live far from each other. How do you usually work?

We just finished our first EP together, and we were visiting each other so we can work together in the studio. Normaly we are connecting throug Skype.

Do you have a musical background? Do you play any instrument?

Miss Sunshine: No, nothing.. unfortunately..

Would be cool to know to play piano or just to have the basics, but nowadays I cant catch a free time to have a lessons, so everything what I learn it is by my self or via internet.

The interesting thing is that I always wanted to play drums, they always fascinated me, but my mom instead of that (when I was young) sent me to gymnastics! I will never forgive her that! (smile)

Viktoria Rebeka: I was raised in a restaurant/bar built into my parents house, so I always listened to MTV sound from the early 80’ies, whole 90’ties, participating in dance and music classes. I always wanted to play an instrument, but I didn’t have the patience to learn, and it was also too little to just play one instrument… so I was waiting for something like Ableton to happen!

What do you think you’ll be doing in life if you weren’t djing or producing music?

Miss Sunshine: Hm.. well.. I cant imagine my life without music, but if I must…

The other thing that i love and it is my big passion is cooking. That is something in what I enjoy the most.

So maybe I would do something related to that..

Viktoria Rebeka: I have a company, I am doing some work in import, export and sales of solar products, which are eco friendly.

Name 3 of your favourite releases ever. Track, EP or LP. You have two minutes to think about it, not more. Don’t cheat!

Viktoria Rebeka: I guess this would be

1. Kraftwerk – Die Mensch Maschine

I was lucky enough to listen to Kraftwerk live and they just blow me away, still absolutley astonishing.

2. Tori Amos – Professional Widow

This track was my key point into getting addicted to electronic music.

3. Annos Woland – Deal – Viktoria Rebeka Remix

From all tracks I produced till now, this is my fav. It is a remix for two great guys from Tel Aviv.

Miss Sunshine:

1. Hush! EP (Monocline) – it is my release from 2009 and I still love to play songs from that ep

2. La Locura EP (FVF) – the most successful and passionate EP I done. Most successful because it was a long time with all four tracks on the minimal beatport top 100 and most passionate because it was inspired by QOMT tour in Colombia last year, and there are all loco people

3. Ego Trippin (Zool)- my latest released EP, with awesome remixes from Reset Robot and Rich Jones.. yumm!

What is the advice you would give to someone that is just starting?

Stay true to yourself and dare to be different! The worst thing you can do is to be like someone else!

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